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cleopatra18's Journal
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Monday, December 30th, 2013
8:00 pm
What up what up
Hi LJ! Greetings! Just a little note from Captain Obvious, stopping by to tell you that 2013 is almost over (yay). Some really cool things happen, as did some really not-so-cool things, but I'm preparing to send this year back to the fiery chasm from whence it came with a jaunt down to the city tomorrow. Yes, THE city. There is no other. The one that holds my heart and the bulk of my past student loans, hahahaha.

In other news, there have been recent blasts from the past which have left me very confuzzled. It's like, where did you come from? Can you go back to there? Thank you. The end.

Current Mood: bored
Friday, October 18th, 2013
9:46 pm
Hello there.
Whoa. It's been almost another four months since I've shown my face around here. Meh. School school school, lather rinse repeat. It's rather boring, really. My summertime state of malaise followed me back to the worst coast (see what I did there?). Meh meh meh. Fleh. Although, I'm three weeks in to TAing my second whole class. As in, this quarter anyway, standing and jabbering for 50 minutes to 30 kids three times a week. Moral of the story is, whoa. The end.

Current Mood: apathetic
Friday, July 19th, 2013
11:57 am
Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. No, I'm too lazy.
LJ! Holy crap, it's been almost four months. Instead of doing the lazy bullet point update of everything I've done during that time, I'm going to do the lazy bullet point update of things I have learned during that time.

1) School is HARD. No, really. It's HARD. Motivation, I still don't has it. Well, I'm only motivated to do the things I'm interested in, which, these days, are few and far between. And, as a matter of fact, these things aren't usually directly related to the things I should be interested in/doing. Languages? GREAT. Playing instruments? AWESOME. History? SWELL. Write B.S. theoretical papers about boring crap? NO. Read boring books and analyze every single word? NO. Play the wonderful game of academic politics and strategic ass-kissing? HELL TO THE NO.

2) I think maybe I should sell out and work for Putumayo when I grow up. Are they hiring?

3) I can travel by myself anywhere, no problem. Continent hopping? No problem. Getting by in a country where very few people speak English? No problem! (See also: languages.) Of course, the second I go to a place like Krakow or Vienna where EVERYBODY speaks English in the touristy areas, I get lazy and become the stupid American that the Flying Spaghetti Monster destined me to be.

4) I think I want to move to Europe, if only for the breakfasts. The yogurt! The open-face cheese sandwiches! The bread! I'll get a shack and a sheep and 47 cats on the ancestral hillside in Poland and become the guru of Lemko flute playing. Or the Lemko flute playing guru. I don't know. Maybe I'll record for Putumayo. Seriously, academic politics seriously blow. SERIOUSLY.

5) Folk festivals represent the construction of place and reconstruction of lost places. BAM there's my dissertation. See also academic politics.

6) It's hard to go on vacation after you've just been in Europe for a month. But it can be done. So can driving a car on a sandbar or driving a car up Mount Washington. Well, neither of those things can be done by me, but I can be in the car while they are done.

The end.

Current Mood: hot
Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
3:49 pm
Greetings from the grammar rodeo!

Well, kind of. I left the left coast on Wednesday last week (yes, technically still exam week, but all I had were two papers to finish - easy peasy lemon squeezy, right?). Today is Tuesday. I finished the second paper at 5am this morning... it was due on Sunday. I finished the first paper Friday morning at ex-roomie's place in the bowels of Queens, right before leaving with NYC Cousin to come here to Craptown. GAH GAH GAH GAH.

Well, I mean, I did go gamboling about the East Village with ex-roomie and her crew Thursday night, which I probably shouldn't have, but, well, you know. I MISS LA CITE! I MISS BEING IN A REAL PLACE! I MISS THE PEE SMELL!!!

Seriously. GAH. I've never had such problems with the paper writing, ever. Am I too old for this shite? Don't answer that, hahahahahaha. Death quarter is death! Yet I'm even taking one extra class next quarter, and an additional ensemble! AND theoretically I'll be jetting off to Slovakia the day after the last day of class! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

It's not too early to take a nap, right? I mean, I did only just wake up at 2:30...
Sunday, January 6th, 2013
4:40 pm
Rabbit rabbit (belated), Happy New Year (belated), Merry Christmas (Orthodox), and such.
What up, LJ? Oh dear, this page is different. The font is weird. Me no likey. I guess that's what I get for not having written anything in over a month. Hmm.

So what has happened of late?

-First quarter of PhD school complete, did not flunk out. Yay! The B in anthropology was unavoidable, I swear.
-Was back in la cite for about two days total over break. Saw no one except for NYC Cousin and former roomie, and former roomie's cat. Ate a bagel and lox. Crashed Christmas party full of firemen. It was magical.
-Flew south and saw the mom and the wee sister. Ate many foods.
-Flew back north and saw the dad and the Wonder Cat, as well as various cousins and friends. Ate many foods, drank many adult beverages. It was good.
-While in Pothole Town, cleaned out closet. It was frightening.
-Flew back to Lalaland. On the bus back to school, I sat next to this physics grad student who kept telling me how annoying his program is and how he wanted to change to finance and work on Wall Street. To that, I thought, "LOL." Also, do all physicists pause their conversation at the most inopportune times? It was terribly annoying. Well, it's terribly annoying when anyone I don't know talks to me for no reason, but, er, this was more annoying. Yes.

And I think that's about it. 2013, huh? That's weird.

Current Mood: lazy
Sunday, November 25th, 2012
12:25 pm
Hello LJ. How are you?

I had an odd dream about each of my parents last night. First, my mom and I went to a mall, and I was annoyed that she was walking really slowly, so I told her, "Hmm. Maybe you should get a treadmill." She dismissed that idea very quickly. Le sigh. And then, I dreamt I was at my dad's house in Pothole Town, and it was 9:45 tomorrow morning, and I obviously had to go to class (here on the Left Coast), and I needed him to give me a ride. He asked what classes I had, and I told him Russian at 10 and Anthropology at 2. Then I was like, "Well, I guess I'm not going to Russian today..." To which he answered, *stern Dad-like frown*. Heh.

Roommate #1 and I combined to go crazy with the cooking of all of the things for an old-fashioned Ukrainian Thanksgiving, just like the Pilgrims had. Homemade pyrohy make everything better. Vodka shots at a funeral, pysanky, pyrohy, I can call myself a real Ukrainian now. :)

Okay, back to homework or something.

Current Mood: mellow
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
9:43 pm
That is all.

Current Mood: relieved
Saturday, October 20th, 2012
9:52 am
Like, what's up LJ, like, yeah?
I say this because I actually caught myself riding my bike to St*rb*cks yesterday for a delicious iced pumpkin spice latte (hey, I can pretend it's fall, right?). Then I realized that wasn't so smart, as I have an actual bike and not one of those ridiculous beach cruiser things with the ginormously wide handlebars that enable the ditzy undergrads to successfully maneuver both the bike and their coffee beverage. But then again, I've become one of those people for riding my bike to St*rb*ucks anyway, have I not? No, but really, everyone has bikes here. Next step... skateboard... hahahahaha.

Also, I have started doing yoga. I'll let that sink in for a second.

Okay. Yes. Yoga. Granted I'm on the beginner yoga for dummies level, but it is kind of fun and I can see why all of the people like it. If I still gave a flying fook about being a Serious Flute Player (TM) Who Practices Many Hours A Day, I'd say it would be very beneficial to my breathing and where's the Ibert Concerto, not that I've touched that in seven years, but hey, I could kick that thing's ass right now, yeah! But I'm not that person anymore. I mean, I play the flute because *I* love it and I like my ridiculous wide vibrato, okay? Besides, it's more fun to philosophize about the MEANING of the flute as a SYMBOL of MUSICAL and CULTURAL IDENTITY and ETHNOMUSICOLOGY NERDS UNITE! Yeah!

Where was I going with this? Well, I guess life on the Left Coast is really weird, but I'm adapting. Learning to avoid the book of face when certain people are online is also helping my mental well-being as well, yay! Hahahaha.

So, yeah. That's all I've got for now. Later dudes.

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, September 20th, 2012
11:28 am
Left Coast Land, here I am.
'Sup LJ? You know you should remain on drugs for the crazy when you successfully call for an appointment to discuss remaining on drugs for the crazy and you don't die, amirite? Yay!

I've been in Left Coast Land almost two weeks, and they have been enjoyable ones for the most part, full of nothing and lots of naps. Classes don't even start for another week. Insanity! The only frustrations have been the usual bureaucratic ones associated with starting school or moving to a new place, i.e. GIVE ME ALL OF THE MONIES! I NEED ALL OF THE MONIES OR I WILL HAVE TO START SELLING BODY PARTS ON THE INTERNETS! or wanting to become a proper citizen of the Left Coast but being unable to do so because I lack a passport and don't keep my birth certificate in my back pocket. The former of course has something to do with being poor white trash and lacking all of the monies, hahahahahaha.

So, um. I'm off to go to Kmart or read some more touchy-feely ethnomusicology articles or both. Yay!

Current Mood: silly
Saturday, September 1st, 2012
12:42 am
Rabbit rabbit! My computer thinks it's still in Eastern time, so there.

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marrying Humperdinck in little less than half an hour and many things have happened since we last spoke. I'm going to have to make a bulleted list.

-I turned 29 again! I went to Hippie College Town with the Artist Formerly Known as Sister Jeen of the Former Granny Car and we did what you do there, i.e. eat hippie organic foods and go hiking, or, in this case, creekwalking. Not recommended in flipflops, because you'll probably fall on your ass. Not that I did that. Hmm. Then we had ice cream and watched the Hunger Games and it was exciting.

-I rehearsed like a million hours in one day for a gig! I haven't done that since band camp!

-I had a gig! There was a lot of music!

-I packed up all of the things and loaded some of the things into the car and in doing so got a massive foot cramp which allowed me to not be able to walk for several hours. It was bizarre.

-I left the East Coast for points west! I have seen so many things. SO MANY THINGS. If you're reading this you know I overshare on FB anyway so I will not repeat myself.

So, yeah. Westward ho!

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
9:47 am
Oy vey.
Dear self,

Remind yourself that, when next you move across the country and have to fit ALL OF THE THINGS (or, rather, some of the things) in the cargo space of a Ford Escape with the anticipation of picking up a couple of random Ukrainians along the way, take more than a week off of work to do so. I know you're a procrastinator, self, and you work well with the deadline hanging over your head, but you're also a packrat, like, not quite Hoarders packrat but packrat in that somehow you think that someday you may need this plastic bag from a purchase made at the Bronx Zoo in 1996.... okay, Hoarders packrat. Especially when you have to not only go through ALL OF THE THINGS from Queens, well, some of the things- some of the things didn't even make it out of your matchbox in the bowels of Queens, you have to go through ALLLLLLLL OF THE THINGS that were in your shoebox here at the Haus of Dad in Pothole Town, because for some reason said parental unit decided it would be a great idea to rip off all of the glorious retro wood paneling on the walls of the shoebox and put up some drywall, not to mention throw out ALL OF THE FURNITURE. So why are you so excited, self, to pay an exorbitant monthly rent for a room in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath apartment shared with THREE other music nerds? BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE A REAL BIG GIRL BED (i.e. not an air mattress and not even a twin size) AND ACTUAL FURNITURE THAT'S NOT PLASTIC BINS. So help me, Jeebus. The end.


P.S. I suddenly feel as if I'm about to become too old for this kind of shite...

Current Mood: rushed
Monday, July 16th, 2012
11:42 pm
LJ! My life, what goes on in it? Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

What is it about Ukrainian events when Cousin Bobo is around that lead me to be leaning out of a car door puking? Hahahaha. Not even drunk puking either, just migraine puking. Sad times. But very good times. Good times are always had when Cousin Bobo magically appears out of the ether and tags along with my dad to a resort in the Catskills wherein he gets Peter Yarrow's autograph. Heh.

That was the excitement this weekend. I'm sure other things have happened of late, and I'm sure I wrote about them on the FB. I cannot remember what they are now. Hmm. In other news, I'm starting to get that "HOLY SHNIKES I'M MOVING ACROSS THE FREAKING COUNTRY!" panic. Like, what does a sensible neurotic person from la cite really DO in Left Coast Land? More importantly, I'm beginning to panic about all the stuff I have to do yet. Not the packing up/organizing everything stuff, that can be left until the last minute, hahahahaha. I mean all the stuff on my Last Month in New York Bucket List. So much stuff.... and most of it seems to cost money, unfortunately, bleh.

There are other things I am panicking about leaving. But, that's a silly panic, because, in fact, I have no business panicking about them. Does that make sense? No? Good. That's all for now.

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, June 17th, 2012
12:25 am
What up LJ?!
What the heck have I been doing in the past month? Stuff? Things? Climbing over rusty fences and cutting myself and getting my first tetanus shot since 1990? Going to concerts and judging all the little hipster children (children of hipster yuppies?) in fedoras? Procrastinating serious plans for my upcoming move across the country (like a frickin boss)? All of the above.

But why the heck can't I seem to blog about any of these any more? Is the sudden lack of navel-grazing a symptom of... *gulp* adulthood? Naaaaah. It's a symptom of laziness, apparently. But so is my life.

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, May 19th, 2012
12:52 pm
Sup LJ?
So yeah. Warning, bitter ramblings ahead.Collapse )

So, how was your week? ;-P Besides all that silliness, mine was moderately crappy. But! Today is Saturday and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I'm off to a nerd society event this evening and then a music ninja gig and then the Ukrainian festival tomorrow. Mmm, carbs wrapped in carbs covered in onions and garlic and butter and washed down with beer.... life, as it should be. Na zdrowie!

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, April 29th, 2012
12:40 am
To-do list, I haz one. Correction: I HAD one.
Hello LJ. I just wanted to share my awesomely productive day with you, in handy bullet format:

-I went to the bank, grocery store, and fruit market. I purchased copious amounts of basil, among other things.
-I magicked these copious amounts of basil and some pine nuts and some romano into a delicious delicious vat of pesto, even though in the process I dumped a good deal of romano on the floor.
-I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, paying careful attention to the cheesy kitchen floor.
-I paid some bills and watched my meager checking account dwindle into more, um, meagerness.
-I designed the postcard announcing the next event for the nerd society that I'm in. The president of the nerd society is speaking at the event. Woo!
-I made use of the lovely new file folder I bought recently and filed some shtuff.
-I played recorder and ukulele, but, alas, no flute.
-I finally posted some long overdue pictures of Faraway Left Coast Land on the FB.
-Most importantly, I took a nap. Like a boss.

Don't you just love pointless updates such as these? I do. Tomorrow NYC Cousin and I are going to Jerz for a Ukrainian nerd event and possibly some shenanigans with the NJ cousins. If I also, in the course of tomorrow, play flute, do laundry, and make flashcards for my wee recorder student, I will obliterate the to-DID list and be the queen of awesome. Not that I'm not already... in some overseas territories.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, April 21st, 2012
8:42 pm
So, well, yeah, I may not have mentioned that...
I'm moving to the Left Coast! "American Riviera" and Ph.D in ethnomusicology here I come, baybeeee!

I haven't posted this on the FB yet. So. You're speshul, LJ!

The end.

Current Mood: calm
Friday, April 6th, 2012
12:54 am
I just felt like typing YOU GUYS. Do you know what's kind of cool? Flying across the whole frickin country, LAX to JFK, and then looking down on the places I've always wanted to go from a cool 38000 feet. Grand Canyon, Chicago, Denver, I WANT TO GO TO THERE.

Current Mood: quixotic
Sunday, April 1st, 2012
9:16 pm
I'm flying to California tomorrow! APRIL FOOLS! Oh wait, it's true! APRIL FOOLS!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I may get stuck in a wormhole at LAX and end up on the Island though. That, or I'll miss my flight to SBA.


In other news, I miss Very Ukrainian Great Uncle. He would have approved of the mob of Ukrainians (most of whom I'm related to in some way) who showed up at his funeral. Also, the drummer for a very famous 80s rock band was there. Yep. That's V.U.G.U. for you.

Current Mood: indescribable
Friday, March 23rd, 2012
8:41 pm

Current Mood: :(
Saturday, March 17th, 2012
6:40 pm
The one and only day of the year I can get away with this "Feelin' Lucky" shirt.
PRAISE TO BUDDHA the income-based repayment application went through for my NYU student loans. Do you know how much of a joke my income apparently is? Well the monthly payment on said loans went from $700 to $20! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. At this rate I'll pay them off when I'm 325 but at least I won't have to saw off my limbs and sell them on Canal Street to afford to pay loans and rent and stuff. Yay!

I admit sometimes living in la cite can be a bit discouraging. In visiting my wee sister, who is a better person than me, outside of Hotlanta, I got to see how normal people with cars and full-time jobs live. Like, they live in apartments that are three times the size of mine. With balconies! I am very proud of the wee sister for having her sh1t together, unlike me. But, as I was discussing with a co-worker at job #2 the other day... while other people do normal things, we live in New York, where life is crazy and frustrating and it smells like pee everywhere, but life is never, ever dull. :)

That is... until I may very well pick up and move across the flipping country to go to college for the fourth time, hahahaha. That does seem like the best option, as they want to show me the monies All of the monies. Amazingly, I also got accepted to Midwestern Corn State School, but there is nothing about the monies other than "people who will get the monies in the first round will get their monies by March 18" and that is tomorrow and there is no word about the monies. Hmm. In idly perusing craigslist for both Left Coast Beach School City and Midwestern Corn State School City, I can't help but remark on how living at the beach is every bit as expensive as la cite, and living in a cornfield is ridiculously cheap. Like, whoa. It takes me back to my lovely ginormous furnished, utilities-included, apartment in Knoxvegas, all for the low low price of $565. As in, LESS than I pay for my postage stamp-sized room in this shoebox-sized apartment in the bowels of Queens which is a mile away from the nearest subway stop. Sigh. However, who really wants to live in the middle of a cornfield?

Again, the price one pays for the starving artist/perpetual student life. No one ever said I was practical.

Now, if you would please excuse me, I'm going to go look up hummus recipes with which to use my lovely Ninja chopper. Yay! That, or maybe I'll practice another instrument. I've already played ukulele and recorder today. I think the poor flute needs some love. Or piccolo. Piccolo! And guitar. And kalimba. Yep.

Current Mood: thoughtful
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